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Home Repair, Home Improvement, and Auto Maintenance Workshops for Women Taught by Women Instructors.

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Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee with customers from Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.


Your Toolkit to Independence! ™

When Bea was just ten years old, she wanted to help her dad renovate
the family’s unfinished basement. Her dad told her that she couldn’t help
because “girls don’t need to know that stuff.” She was angry that she wasn’t
given the opportunity to learn just because she was a girl.
Now, she is working to make sure that women have the skills they need to be
independent and do the work themselves. 

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“I am amazed at the set up for hands-on work. When I leave a class, I feel confident in completing a project at home because I have actually completed the project in class. Melissa Carpenter is a wonderful teacher.”
Pat Phillips, Participant at Tiling a Kitchen Backsplash Like a Pro

“Carolyn is so organized in the way she presents the topic. I feel like I could tackle my porch tomorrow!”
Susan Waters, Participant at Refinishing Your Deck

“I am so thankful for the class I took at Women Repair Zone™ because I knew what I was doing!” (on tiling her own kitchen backsplash)
Meryl Stark, Participant at Tiling a Kitchen Backsplash Like a Pro

“I liked how everything was explained beforehand and demonstrated. I liked being able to actually change the tire myself with close supervision and feedback.”
Nicola Crisp, Participant at Changing a Tire

"I believe if you look at most successful people you'll find them to be lifelong learners that continue to hunger for growth and new experiences. Women Repair Zone fits perfectly with my belief that a happy woman is an empowered woman."
Carolyn Zappa, Instructor at Women Repair Zone™